Monaco Grand Prix Race Review

Monaco GP 2015 – From Mirabeau to Mercedes

Nico Rosberg, the people’s King of Monaco just won his third in a row Monaco Grand Prix – edition 2015. Well, the writing was on the wall for this one, because if you really watched all of the free practices and the qualifying, you just knew that Nico Rosberg was simply the fastest driver out there, which he imperiously converted into his third win in a row in prestigious Principality of Monaco Grand Prix.

Such was his domination that he (just like he did last year, and the year before that) cruised infront of resurgent Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel and sister car of his teammate Lewis Hamilton for 70 odd laps until the safety car out of the blue came onto the track. But, resilient as he always is, he never gave a quarter to his adversaries and left them both good five seconds in just 7 laps, and crossed the chequered flag with a doughnut to spare.


Monaco 2015. Image courtesy of the Bleacher Report.

Monaco 2015. Image courtesy of the Bleacher Report.

Now, for the real story.

Your name is Mercedes Petronas Toto Blackberry Grand Prix racing limited, you are a world champion, with the best engine and the best chassis for a second year in a row. Uncle Bernie is going to give you somewhere around two hundred million of some currency for your brilliance shown last year, and your daddy, called Daimler Benz Mercedes Actros Jawohl is going to give you another 300 million of some currency, because you’re daddy’s favourite toy (son). Also, since you’re a snob, you just bought yourself the fastest driver out there for the next three seasons, and he coincidentally won the driver’s world championship under your name just last season.

So, what is the favourite thing for a snob to do? But of course, look all smart and smuggly, know it all and then just put the loaded silver gun and shoot yourself in your own foot, because your poorer friends just need to know that you can do anything that you want, when you want, and how you want it, even if it cost you a couple of mills in lost revenue. Daddy will fork it out for you again, even put a couple of smart engineers in the deal (ones that can actually understand the concept of mathemathics) because engineers are not very good at maths. Only the good ones know the maths, and these don’t work in Formula One circles. No, they are assembling Iphones in chinese factories because there is where the real money lies.

So, dear reader, I know that you were bored to death because the other Mercedes Petronas Toto Blackberry Grand Prix racing limited driver was not even near Loisl Hamilton this race, and somehow managed to make the right turn in Mirabeau for 78 long laps (practice makes perfect), but Toto and his muppets somehow calculated that 18,5 seconds is really 22 seconds in Mercedes Benz’s time, and gifted the win to their Nico on his only second home race this season (Bahrain being the first), and managed to royally fudged our Loisl for the only first time this season (don’t count on it to be the last time if 2014. is something to go by.

Over and out, too mad to write any more dear reader, onwards to Canada (Nico Rosberg’s third home race of the season)



Pastor Maldonado didn’t finish the race. Shock, horror.


Fernando Alonso didn’t finish the race. Shock, horror of a grander scale.


Verstappen did exactly what his dad did to another fabulous driver 14 years ago. Brightness runs deep in that family….


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