Italian Grand Prix Race Review

2015 Inflated Italian Grand Prix


For the last couple of days I wasn’t contemplating on tyre pressures, or any fancy ways of how a simple pressure gauge can be used for sexual purposes (making racing fans wanting to have intercourse with officials in-laws). I wasn’t even contemplating about faultless victory of our Loisl, MBE, or did he do a grand chelem, grand slam, mega chelem of whatever fancy name of describing someone’s brilliance in space of three days can be invented.

I also must admit that sometimes I would like to present to my immense and broad fan and reader base how some of the races unfolded, why Williams made a blunder in covering Sebbie, why is combustion chamber tightly connected to fuel quality and injection pressure, but I don’t know much about that. I don’ t even know is vortice Y250 created on front wing or the rear. Or is it vortice Y100?

What I will also admit is the fact that I was almost serene on Sunday afternoon, even after the word of pressures and trials and jurors came out. Somehow, deep down I knew it was his win, no matter what. He truly deserved it on account of brilliance and composure, which is something that his haters, because I have no other word for people who can’t recognise a true great, will never admit out of sheer ignorance, and let’s be honest, racism.

Still feeling the serenity from a perfect weekend, I spent a last couple of days strolling through old articles, from some of the journos and people in the know, and the more I was reading, the more I came back to articles from Will Buxton, whose blog I am and avid reader and particularly the article from the former F1 doc, Gary Hartstein, whom I deeply admire for his honesty and the will to stand up to the stupidity and ignorance of people-in-the-power.




For my ever growing fan and reader base, I strongly reccomend Will Buxton’s article written just before last year’s decider in Abu Dhabi about championship contender Lewis Hamilton, and also his take on championship contender Nico Rosberg, because there you will see how life and career paths of both of those young men are tightly interlaced, and how, in my opinion Nico Rosberg had a greatest influence in making former F1 fastest driver into a true F1 great. Yes, Fernando Alonso was there in the begginings, yes Jenson Button was there in the forging process, but I really do think that Nico Rosberg’s speed and intelligence and resilience made Lewis Hamilton true superstar, and the man, the myth he is even today.

Gary Hartstein’s blog I reccomend to anyone who is serious about Formula One, and who is willing to listen to the man who every day forgets more about Formula One that I will ever know. And for the older reader and avid fan like myself, he makes perfect analogies and tells the perfect stories about the men and the machines.

Now, I won’t tell you the names of the articles, but it’s not because of the fact that this portal is not in any relation to their blogs (although I surely would like us to be), but out of a sheer desire for you to get deeper into all of their stories, and educate yourselves even more about this magical sport.

Yes, I admit that this is a short article, but somehow I hope that through this one, some of you will find much more interesting stories to read, and make more interesting thoughts and opinions on our guy.

Yes, there is a story going around that if Loisl Hamilton MBE (OBE is just a formality now) wins in Singapore, he’ll equal late Ayrton Senna’s record of start to wins conversion ratio. I don’t care. You can’t compare one legend to the other. That is why legends are born.


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