Canadian Grand Prix Race Review


Oh Canada – for a few drops of gas more. Or a tale of two Loisls and a Honda.


Yeah, that was the race many of us, casual and uninformed race fans expect like a rain in a Sahara desert, like a beer on a hot summer day after shopping with your heavy spending wife, like a hard earned vacation without your heavy spending wife….

And guess what, the race delivered, big time. That was a proper edge of the seat stuff, a classic nail-biter. I mean, you could only relax when current world champion, Lewis Hamilton MBE crossed the finish line, because, right then you just knew he had the gas in his Mercedes engine to win. Literally.

Montreal track is known for it’s highly unpredictable nature, whether it’s the weather, or it’s the high speed shunts that are provoking a bunch of safety cars, and in return throwing champions into the famous wall, or from their feet strategy wise. I admit, I’m old, and I can’t remember much of it all, but I also can’t remember when was the last time in this century that SC wasn’t deployed onto the Montreal track. And, accordingly to that fact, Montreal F1 race become a one grand, processional fuel saving marathon, where Nico Rosberg (in his fourth home race) looked a menacing threat for nearly 40 laps. In fact, he was so menacing, that his team mate and current world champion Loisl Hamilton MBE frantically discussed with his racing engineer, Peter Bonnington BSC, when to lift and coast, is it at the 50 yard mark, or maybe 75 yard mark, noo, try a one hundred mark for a lap and a half, and then go to strat 4,5, we’ll be fine with the gas if you do just that….

Lewis Hamilton, Canadian Grand Prix, 2015. Image Courtesy of Global News.

Lewis Hamilton, Canadian Grand Prix, 2015. Image Courtesy of Global News.

Well, what do you want me to tell you. Loisl won, for the fourth time at this beautiful track (should have been five wins if it was not for Toto’s sheganigans with his ERS last year) but this time around he won in a manner that makes his teammate Nico Rossbrawn look good and fast and all.., whereas in Principality he just pummeled the hell out of poor sod (until Toto’s sheganigans with his fake IWC stopwatch, which is five second too fast BTW). And we, the Loisl fan brigade are extatic with that, because every win brings our hero closer to that magic number three on his WDC tally, and also Ron Dennis is then obliged to give our hero his McLaren F1 car ( yeah, Ronzo promised him that, I swear).

Oh, Ron Dennis, the man, the mistery, the muppet… Both of his Honda powered Mc Larens DNF’d. Alonso, for the third time in a row. And to add an insult to the injury, Ronzo bragged about this beautiful peace of engineering, diamond-like, oh so strong POS Honda engine, and some of us older casual uninformed fans who actually watched Ayrton Senna’s magic with Honda powered McLaren, believed him. But what Honda is doing right now is simply shameful, and worthy of a couple of well placed seppuku’s throughout the higher echelones of Honda racing leadership. I mean, these guys produce V6 turbo engines for Indy Car for a half of the field in the last five years. True, these are 2,2 ltr. Twin turbo engines, but a 600 ccm. less And one turbine more are not the valid reasons to fail so badly. Fail is not even the right word, it’s more in the vicinity of motorsport suicide what Honda is doing right now. And knowing their ways of the past, they’ll probably retire soon, with a familiar words „cost saving“, „current economy“, „our MotoGP program suffers“, „new Civic is ugly, we need to fix that pronto“, „Ross never told us the real speed of BGP001, we’re still sulking“.

So, to cut the long story short, our Loisl won, Massa made good, and Vettel hit every sausage kerb and Force India to make good (after all, he is a four time world champion, although some of our regular readers believe that of his four world championships, at least four of them are undeserved. Me too.)

Oh, I almost forgot. Kimi Raikkonen. You know, that Finnish, soo cool guy and a driver and an idol of masses with his sooo cooool voice and a fantastic public personality spun at the hairpin. Again. What a waste of 30 million of some currency, and a perfectly fine racing seat.

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Four is the magic number in Montreal

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Lewis Hamilton en route to victory, Canadian Grand Prix 2015.

Lewis Hamilton en route to victory, Canadian Grand Prix 2015.

On Sunday, Hamilton took his 4th win in Montreal. It also happened to be his 4th win of 2015 from his 44th pole position (his 4th in Canada) driving car #44 in his 45th Grand Prix for Mercedes.

Lewis continues to surpass Nigel’s records

Hamilton will not be content until he is the undisputed greatest British driver! His control of the race from P1 meant Lewis has lead for 2143 laps surpassing Nigel Mansell’s 2091 laps lead. It has been a very profitable season for Lewis in terms of laps lead having crossed the line 1st in 306 laps (more than he lead in 2008) out of 441.

Poor Nigel now only holds the British record for fastest laps with 30.

Best since Schumacher in Montreal

Hamilton’s wins at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2015 elevate him past Nelson Piquet leaving Schumacher’s 7 wins and 6 poles there as his next target. It was Hamilton’s 5th podium at the circuit putting him joint-2nd with Piquet, Prost, Alesi and Barrichello.

Raikkonen, Vettel and Senna better watch out!

Hamilton secured his 77th podium in Canada, a single rostrum less than Kimi in 64 less starts than the Finn. Yet he claimed another fastest lap to move his tally to 42, second only to Schumacher.

Vettel is in a rather precarious position as Hamilton’s next target in wins (3 ahead), poles (1 ahead), fastest laps (1 ahead), points (89 ahead) and laps lead (341 ahead).

Lewis moved another small step closer to emulating his idol Senna and is now only 4 wins and 3 podiums behind the great Brazilian in 6 less starts.