British Grand Prix Race Review

Mother of all Victories – For the Queen and the Country

Sunday, July 5th 2015.

Lewis Hamilton MBE, Formula One current and two times world champion won the prestigious British Grand Prix, with over ten seconds advantage from his esteemed team mate Nico von Rosberg, 11 wins ace from great kingdom of Teutonia, Finland, Mexico, Bahrain and Monaco.

But, like in any great history movie, I, my dear six readers, will take you couple of scenes back, just to fully appreciate this historical, Waterloo type of win.

Tuesday, June 30th 2015.

Some of the greatest and reader friendly British newspapers, like die Sonne, tägliche Post and der Spiegel (yes, all british) were all full of Loisl’s Hamilton MBE breakfast visit in the company of Her Majesty the Queen. They were all full of contempt for alleged Loisl’s Hamilton MBE, soon to bee OBE, lack of manors, because some say that Her Majesty had to instruct our Loisl proper table manners. Now, my beloved six readers, from the highly secret, and most trustworhy source, this portal found the real truth about the conversation that took place between traditional english pudding and blood sausages. What Her Majesty the Queen told our own Loisl Hamilton MBE was this„Lewis, you’re about to become Sir Loisl Hamilton of Stevenage, and the greatest race of the year is upon you, my dear boy. Here is what you need to do for your country, for your kingdom and for your Queen. You shall go on to the end. You shall fight through Abbey, you shall fight through Maggots and Becketts, you shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength through the invading rain, you shall defend your lead, whatever the cost may be. You shall fight on the Hanger Straight, you shall fight through the pits, you shall fight in the fields and in the stands, you shall fight through the Luffield; you shall never surrender.”That is what Her Majesty told to our Loisl. Nothing more, nothing less. And what choice he had? He just had to walk the sacred ground that many of great Britain’s sons walked before. He just dug deep, and in the best manors of James Bond, Edmund Blackadder and Gregory House MD, just to name a few of bright shining sons of British Empire, he outsmarted, outmuscled and outmanouvred that German Evil Prince.And in the process of that peerless victory, some others great British sons, namely Sir Frank Williams of Grove, Philip of Massa and Walter Botbottom of Maranello, had to give their honourable lives. May they effort lives forever in our humble hearts.Sadly, they were destined to bask in the glory of our own Loisl Hamilton MBE, both by his side after the battle, but alas, faith sometimes betrays the brave, and reward that Germans, like in football. Nico von Rosberg came in second place, and the other German, whos name we don’t say around here, nor we accept his championships as valid came third by a pure stroke of misfortune for our heroes. And by Walter’s BotBottom of Maranello inability to steer his faithful horse through fickle English rain.


In contemporary news, British GP, edition 2015. was everything that Formula One race is supposed to be. Lots of drama, lots of tactics, lots of fast, scary corners, and lots of accidents (none of them harmful, except for the loud mouth Verstappen, who still has faster mouth than his ability to drive).It was sad seeing two McLarens and two Lotuses collide with each other on the first lap, but at least I don’t have to write that two times world champion Fernando Alonso did not finished the race again. He came in in tenth place, earning his first point of this season, which is a sad news by itself, and it can’t remedy chaos that Honda engine produced in once mighty British behemoth McLaren. Shame on you Honda, shame on you. Seppuku is not enough for you lot any more. Daniel Ricciardo, Australian (yes, United Kingdom) caused that first lap mayhem, but the sad story is, he singlehandedly stomp into the ground that other German just last year, and this year Red Bull is beyond shameful. Almost closely tied with Honda’s suicide attempts. This guy just deserves better, but as I predicted, that other German who drives for Ferrari is blocking his attempts at a better car, and instead is demanding lesser driver in the other Ferrari,in the form of afore mentioned Valtteri Bottas. Shame on you Vettel (yes, I said your name in disgust), you are a proper coward. And you’ll get nowhere with the Italians, if you don’t trust me, just read some history books.So, my lovely half dozen, next race is Hungaroring, a proper kart track that our Loisl adore, but sadly, it is also one of Nico von Rosberg’s home races, so chances are that it’s going to be tight again. But, it would be great for Loisl if he can score his fifth victory on that track, and break some more of records along the way, which he is doing brilliantly this year.


With best regards,


Meddo of Ste. Devote