Belgian Grand Prix Race Review

GP of Belgium  – Battle of the Bulge 2015.

I don’t like Spa. Come to think of it, I never liked it. Too many bad memories for my liking. Too many chicanes and straight in exchange for one Eau Rouge. And that’s it. There isn’t even one ancient oval that surrounds it. There is no mystique of Monza, madness of Suzuka or moneyness of Monaco. And yet, everybody and their boyfriends are talking about the charm of the old track. Well, sod off, you Kimi Raikkonen fans, only you can like this track, where your excuse for a racing driver can win four times. Even that alone cries „foul“.

Now, you „purists“ and „century old“ followers can hiss and fume all you want, I just told you the truth. This track sucks big time. Even on the racing simulators. Racecraft and virtue don’t mean nothing there. Just pure luck. And there is no skill in that. Ask Fernando Alonso, if you don’t believe me. I mean, even Nico Rosberg can be on pole there. But no matter how many wings he breaks against someone elses tyre, he can’t win it three times. Loisl can. And he hates this track as much as me, he just won’t admit it. Because every single Kimi fan, every single bigot and hidden racist would be on his ass if he would admit it. And then, he would probably get another two minute penalty, ten days after the race.

You know why Loisl won this race for the third time? Because he made his peace with this track. Nothing else, nothing more. And rain stayed away. And Rosberg is no match for him. Holy trinity when it comes to this track and mastery of it. There is no mastery, just luck, and one’s willingness to accept that the outcome of the race is out of your hands, and it lies just in fate. Sure, Loisl again prove that he is out of everyone’s league in qualys, but this is controlled environment, and when he can control something, he is usually half a second faster that everybody else. Just look at Korea 2011. (his worst year to date) to see what I mean. And that is practically the only interesting part of the last weekend. Except for the Boomelli’s (official tyre supplier). In the race, after the start, you could just sense that master and commander can’t be caught or distracted by anything. Including Tosby’s offensive in the times of Virtual Safety Car. I mean, the guy creeped up through the forrest like it’s 1944. all over again. Until our Patton kicked his ass in five laps like there is no tomorrow. Half a second a lap, like it’s nothing, like Susie Wollff is in the other Merc (no pun intended Susie).


Now, for the only reallly interesting part of the race. Pirelli. Also known as Pireggi. Currently known as Boomelli, or when in medium compound disguise Vetelli. First at Saturday they launched poor Tosby in the barriers faster than I can say Muppet, and then on Sunday they almost reunited poor Vettel with some of his ancestors in the woods around Spa. It surely is not of the same magnitude as the famous „Silverstone Fireworks“ of 2013th, but really is not that far off. Those two right rear tyres exploded faster than meI after a hefty dried ribs and bean meal on Sunday, and in Vettel’s case there even wasn’t a warning sign, like we saw in Rosberg’s case. Now, take into consideration bold statements from Pirelli execs, who at the start of the season  announced that the new rear tyre construction is stronger and more durable and sturdier than last year’s design, and all that because of the logical evolution of F1 car’s speed, downforce and cornering ability. Also, I beg you, take into account that there is tender going on currenty, where FIA is to decide who is the official tyre supplier after 2016. In some circles, there is murmuring sound of silent nods to Michelin, which was in my opinion right to leave F1 circles last time around, when FIA forbid tyre war and multiple tyre suppliers, and in the process of that on several occasions treated French Tyre Giant with utmost disrespect. Now, I’m not willing to go into the whole FIA-Pirelli-Bernard triangle, but, knowing all three parties involved something strange (not to say fishy) is currently going on. And I really don’t want to see another racer losing his life because of the stupid power struggle, and one’s insatiable wish to take as much billions as he can in his grave. There are two Formula One racers who died in the last two months, and even if their premature deaths had nothing to do with tyre supply, it is always a stark reminder that line between life in death when you racing 300 plus in a race car, is almost inexistant, and that the sport really doesn’t need any more controversies and behind-the-door politics just to fill someone’s pockets with even more money. I, for one don’t buy the bullshit that is currently being produced that the drivers are bored with these machines. You know, these machines just surpassed 2012. V8 cars with coanda effects on them when it came to taming Spa track.

So, on to the next historical venue, where really would be nice that Loisl put his name on the winners trophy for the third time, and this time, it really is the track that he adores, and where nobody can guess how can he possibly carry that much of a speed through Lesmos.

I for one, will be recalculating on how to get to Monza next Sunday, find a nice general admission ticket, and spend my Sunday afternoon watching and listening to these turbocharged beasts from at least three different points.










For Buddha sake Honda…..Power of what???