USA and Mexican Grand Prix

Sit back, relax, crack open a can or bottle of whatever you enjoy the most and listen to the latest installment of the fabulous podcast series. This was the big one, with Lewis’s third world championship delivered in style(ish), with a thrilling race which was ultimately decided by a freak gust of wind (yep, really Nico, we all believe you, honest!). And to compliment, relive the highlights of the Mexican Grand Prix with a great drive from Nico Rosberg who has now convinced the entire Sky F1 team that he’s almost a dead cert to wrap up the 2016 WDC, conveniently ignoring the fact that Lewis Hamilton had already racked up ten race wins and demolished Rosberg in the process. But then it’s the Sky F1’s commentary team to liven up the remaining few races and keep us in some form of suspense – it’s what they’re paid to do.


Anyway, enjoy folks!